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Version 33 with ICD10 support is here! Released Oct 20th, 2015 (see tech blog New site)
Company History
One of our founders was the technical lead on the original DRG defining project in 1978 at the Health Systems Management Group (HSMG) at Yale's School of Organization and Management (SOM) and as part of his work there he defined and implemented the first DRG assignment software.

As he moved on through his career, he found that he repeatedly needed to assign DRGs to inpatient hospital stays. So he created a grouper core which was lightweight, fast and highly portable.

In 1989, he co-founded a medical informatics consulting firm which ported the grouping core to a variety of environments. Enough clients and customers wanted to buy the groupers as products that eventually that business was spun off to a separate site, which became DRGGroupers.net. (It was originally DRGGroupers.com but we changed it in late 2014.)

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