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Version 33 with ICD10 support is here! Released Oct 20th, 2015 (see tech blog New site)
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If you want to loop through a data set and assign a DRG to each record, then you need one of our batch groupers: DRGFilt or MHDRG DLL.
Every year the US Federal government releases a new DRG version. The earliest version we sell through our on-line store is Version 10, which we call "f10" for Federal Version 10.
The official release is on October 1st every year and we usually release our implementation of the algorithm by October 15th every year.
Please specify which version you need for any of our products. Our software is backwardly compatible, so if you buy the version 20 grouper, that module can handle versions 10 through 20, assuming that you have purchased the appropriate masks file.
NOTE: We have support for versions 2 through 9, but demand is low enough that we do not clutter up our on-line store with them. You can purchase support for versions 2 through 9, but only by contacting us directly.
VersionReleasedRetired VersionReleasedRetired VersionReleasedRetired
f33 Oct 1, 2015 Sep 30, 2016 f25 Oct 1, 2007 Sep 30, 2008 f17 Oct 1, 1999 Sep 30, 2000
f32 Oct 1, 2014 Sep 30, 2015 f24 Oct 1, 2006 Sep 30, 2007 f16 Oct 1, 1998 Sep 30, 1999
f31 Oct 1, 2013 Sep 30, 2014 f23 Oct 1, 2005 Sep 30, 2006 f15 Oct 1, 1997 Sep 30, 1998
f30 Oct 1, 2012 Sep 30, 2013 f22 Oct 1, 2004 Sep 30, 2005 f14 Oct 1, 1996 Sep 30, 1997
f29 Oct 1, 2011 Sep 30, 2012 f21 Oct 1, 2003 Sep 30, 2004 f13 Oct 1, 1995 Sep 30, 1996
f28 Oct 1, 2010 Sep 30, 2011 f20 Oct 1, 2002 Sep 30, 2003 f12 Oct 1, 1994 Sep 30, 1995
f27 Oct 1, 2009 Sep 30, 2010 f19 Oct 1, 2001 Sep 30, 2002 f11 Oct 1, 1993 Sep 30, 1994
f26 Oct 1, 2008 Sep 30, 2009 f18 Oct 1, 2000 Sep 30, 2001 f10 Oct 1, 1992 Sep 30, 1993
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If you are a programmer, you can make your own batch grouper using one of our program-callable grouper modules:
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All prices are in U.S. Dollars
Batch Groupers
DRGFilt for LINUX (32 bit CPUs) UNIX-style filter to assign DRGs in batches
DRGFilt for LINUX (64 bit CPUs) UNIX-style filter to assign DRGs in batches
DRGFilt for AIX UNIX-style filter to assign DRGs in batches
DRGFilt for SPARC UNIX-style filter to assign DRGs in batches
DRGFilt for DOS & Windows UNIX-style filter to assign DRGs in batches
Excel-DRG Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which calls our Grouper DLL

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DRG Masks file A binary Masks file for a particular version
ICD9cm short file 34 character descriptions for ICD9cm codes $25

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DRGFilt is a console application and a UNIX-style "filter." This means that it reads from its standard input and writes to its standard output. DRGFilt respects a "control file" which tells it how to pick out its input fields from each record and were to put its output fields into each record. Typically, you assign DRGs to an entire data set with the following steps:
  1. Export your data from your database into an ASCII text file
  2. Create a DRGFilt control file to match your data
  3. Run DRGFilt on your ASCII text file, which produces a new ASCII text file
  4. Input the new ASCII text file into your database
There is more detailed information about using DRGFilt on our technical support page.
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Excel-DRG is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which calls our Grouper DLL to assign DRGs to its rows.
Included in the Excel-DRG purchase price is
  • Excel macro to call DLL
  • sample Excel spreadsheet with macro
  • Current Grouper DLL
  • DRG Masks file of your choice
If you want to interactively group records and then store the results, look at Access-DRG.
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As of October, 2009, we have a shiny new on-line shopping cart. We strongly recommend that you use it, if you can. You can use the shopping cart by clicking on the big blue buttons above.
If you use the on-line shopping cart, you get your software immediately and directly.
If you do not use the shopping cart, your order will have to be filled manually, which takes time, and will be emailed to you, which often leads to interference by spam filters and firewalls.
You can use the on-line shopping cart if you have a company credit card; we use Paypal to process on-line purchases, but Paypay does not require you to have or use a Paypal account.
If your company works on a purchase order basis, you may want to fax us a purchase order to (203) 826-2214, containing the same product information as the form below. If you would like to order on-line, but are sure that you cannot use our on-line shopping cart, please fill in the form below and submit it.
(If you are reading the PDF version of this document, then please consider copying the form and pasting it into a email or printing it out and faxing it or mailing it.)
Grouper Product Order Form
All fields are required
Your Name
ZIP Code
PO Number
If you don't get an email acknowledgement from us within 2 business days, there may have been some technical problem so please let us know at grouper@drggroupers.net.
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