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Version 33 with ICD10 support is here! Released Oct 20th, 2015 (see tech blog New site)
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Looking for more information about DRGs, groupers in general, or our grouper product line in particular? Download our complete manual / catalog / reference as a PDF: drgman.pdf. Also available soon as a paperback book from Amazon.
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If you want DRGs assigned to some records and you don't want to buy, install and run the software yourself, then our DRG Assignment Service (DAS) might be just what you are looking for.
The DAS works like this: you send us your dataset with some information about the file format and the record format. With that information, our software can find the data elements used in assigning DRGs. We run your dataset through our grouper and return the results to you along with a DRG summary report which gives you an overview of your dataset's DRG profile: a frequency distribution of DRGs assigned and errors encountered.
An additional advantage of the DAS is that we can automatically infer the appropriate DRG version to use if your dataset contains a discharge date. So if your data spans versions, you don't have to buy additional masks files.
In order to keep things simple all the way around, we offer this service as a flat fee by number of records in the input. If you can provide your data in any of the formats listed below, then you qualify for the flat fee schedule below. If not, it is likely that we can still help you, but you would have to contact us for a custom price quote.
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All prices are in U.S. Dollars

DRG Assignment Service
1-4,999 Recs For "small" data sets of less than 5,000 input records $200
5,000-9,999 Recs For "medium" data sets of up to 9,999 input records $300
10,000-99,999 Recs For "large" data sets of up to 99,999 input records $500
100,000-499,999 Recs For "jumbo" data sets of up to 499,999 input records $1000
500,000+ Recs For half a million input records or more Negotiated  

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We usually transmit results (either via email, ftp or US mail) within 3 business days.
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  • Microsoft Office 2000 through 2010 (Access or Excel);

  • ASCII or EBCDIC text file with one record per line (either variable-width fields with a separator or fixed-width fields are ok);

  • SQL INSERT statements in a text file (either ASCII or EBCDIC);

  • MySQL database dump.

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As part of the standard DAS, we offer two processing options: either we will use any supported DRG version on all your records or we will use the discharge date (which must be included in your dataset) to determine which federal DRG version was in use at the time of discharge and then use that version. Other methodologies for determining what version to use are possible, but would fall under the category of custom set-up programming and would require a custom quote.
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Every year the US Federal government releases a new DRG version. The earliest version we sell through our on-line store is Version 10, which we call "f10" for Federal Version 10.
The official release is on October 1st every year and we usually release our implementation of the algorithm by October 15th every year.
Please specify which version you need for any of our products. Our software is backwardly compatible, so if you buy the version 20 grouper, that module can handle versions 10 through 20, assuming that you have purchased the appropriate masks file.
NOTE: We have support for versions 2 through 9, but demand is low enough that we do not clutter up our on-line store with them. You can purchase support for versions 2 through 9, but only by contacting us directly.
VersionReleasedRetired VersionReleasedRetired VersionReleasedRetired
f33 Oct 1, 2015 Sep 30, 2016 f25 Oct 1, 2007 Sep 30, 2008 f17 Oct 1, 1999 Sep 30, 2000
f32 Oct 1, 2014 Sep 30, 2015 f24 Oct 1, 2006 Sep 30, 2007 f16 Oct 1, 1998 Sep 30, 1999
f31 Oct 1, 2013 Sep 30, 2014 f23 Oct 1, 2005 Sep 30, 2006 f15 Oct 1, 1997 Sep 30, 1998
f30 Oct 1, 2012 Sep 30, 2013 f22 Oct 1, 2004 Sep 30, 2005 f14 Oct 1, 1996 Sep 30, 1997
f29 Oct 1, 2011 Sep 30, 2012 f21 Oct 1, 2003 Sep 30, 2004 f13 Oct 1, 1995 Sep 30, 1996
f28 Oct 1, 2010 Sep 30, 2011 f20 Oct 1, 2002 Sep 30, 2003 f12 Oct 1, 1994 Sep 30, 1995
f27 Oct 1, 2009 Sep 30, 2010 f19 Oct 1, 2001 Sep 30, 2002 f11 Oct 1, 1993 Sep 30, 1994
f26 Oct 1, 2008 Sep 30, 2009 f18 Oct 1, 2000 Sep 30, 2001 f10 Oct 1, 1992 Sep 30, 1993
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As part of the standard DAS, we will return any combination of the following data elements as fields in the output dataset:
  • Grouper Return Code (what error, if any, arose during grouping);

  • DRG Version used to group the record;

  • DRG Number assigned the record;

  • Major Diagnostic Category (MDC) of the assigned DRG;

  • The resource consumption weight of the assigned DRG;

  • The official description of the assigned DRG.

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We can return these values in one of the following ways:
  1. At the beginning of the output dataset;

  2. At the end of the output dataset;

  3. As contiguous fields starting at a given field number;

  4. As separate records with the same ID as the grouped input record (assuming that the input record has an ID field and that you have told us which field to use as the ID).

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Tell us about your data set and your desired processing options and we will give you a price quote. If you prefer, you may send us a fax to (203) 826-2214, containing the same information as the form below. If you are comfortable making your request on-line, please fill in the form and submit it. (If you are reading the PDF version of this document, then please consider copying the form and pasting it into a email or printing it out and faxing it or mailing it.)
DRGGroupers.net DRG Assignment Quote Request
All fields marked with '*' are required
Your Name*
ZIP Code*
PO Number

DRG Version*('AD' = Auto Detect)
Data Set Size* (see above)
Input format*
Return Vals* Grouper Return Code
DRG Version Number
Major Diagnostic Category
DRG assigned to record
Weight of DRG assigned
Description of DRG assigned
Return Option* (see above)

If you don't get an email acknowledgement from us within 2 business days, there may have been some technical problem so please let us know at grouper@drggroupers.net.
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